Take up 90 days to pay your invoice and get a FREE $50 GAS CARD!

Until November 15, pay for tires and service with Wippy Pay at any participating Active Green + Ross locations and receive a free $50 gas card. Right now you can enjoy up to 90 days to pay your invoice, with 0% interest and no fees. Set up your profile in a few easy steps, we will never check your credit.

Wippy has partnered with Active Green + Ross to offer customers up to 90 days to pay the invoice for free – no interest or fees. Until November 15, when you use Wippy Pay to pay for tires and service, you will receive a free $50 gas card as a gift with purchase.

In a few simple steps you can complete your Wippy profile, choose a participating Active Green + Ross location near you, and have a service advisor reach out to book your appointment. If you get stuck or have questions, our friendly (real and not robot) Live Chat agents are available to help.

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Tell us what car you drive to find out your authorized spending limit. No credit applications or credit searches needed.

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Choose a program that’s right for you from 0% interest to custom plans with terms from 3 - 48 months.

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Wippy Pay has the largest retail network and is accepted by over 1,000 retail partners.

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Once your profile is set up, and you add a car to the profile, you can pay for an invoice with just the click of a button.

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Want to add a second car to your profile? No problem, all we need is one photo.
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